Business Introduction

Vacuum apparatus design and production

Design and production for the vacuum units such as evaporation deposition equipments for semiconductor, various industries, sputtering equipment and CVD devices.
We will completely support our customer's requirements including the installation of the units,start-up and the maintenance.
We can also design and produce the peripheral equipment such as exhaust set.
Moreover,we have considerable experienced in the design and the production of various pilot machines.
Therefore, we will be able to support you from the phase of specification examination.

Vacuum apparatus design / Industry that our business relates

Vacuum apparatus design

真空装置設計We have the business relation with the research and the development section of a lot of enterprise, so, it will be convinced that the most advanced technology can be offered to the customer.
The vacuum apparatus design according to the customer's requirement is the most skillful of us.
Additionally, for the inquiry for the unit design, parts design and the remodeling matter etc., we will be able to propose the best solution.
Please feel free contact to us.

Industry that our business relates

/ Semiconductor manufacture /
/ organic EL and liquid crystal panel manufacturing solar panel manufacturing /
/ medicine production line food product processing /
/ etc... /